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Together, we can support the education and employment of women in construction, by providing your company with access to enthusiastic and upskilled female employees.


The challenge

1. Youth unemployment rate is at 13.9% Young people, particularly women and girls, have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID pandemic. A lack of work experience is widely recognised as a main barrier to finding employment.

2. Women make up only 11% of the whole construction industry workforce and less than 3% of all trades. At the same time, the construction industry in Australia is growing steadily and over 100,000 jobs per year go unfilled.

3. Companies in the industry are looking for new ways to deliver social outcomes and increase female representation.


How you can help?

Mentorship, training, funding & recruitment opportunities

We aim to train 80 participants a year, with the majority of graduates entering the building and construction industry post program. We are seeking support from: 

  • Partners who can offer full-time or part-time work in maintenance and repairs. 
  • Partners who can offer additional or further training for Habitat Women participants. 
  • Partners who can provide additional funding for us to expand our Habitat Women program. 
  • Partners who are able to provide mentors for Habitat Women participants. 

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Benefits for Partners

  • Access to a pool of graduates who have on-the-job experience 
  • Confidence that employees are screened, enthusiastic and a good fit 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG Goals are achieved 
  • Increased female representation 
  • Mentoring opportunities for the women and your company 
  • Save on recruitment costs 

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