In Australia, despite ongoing efforts, the construction industry remains heavily male-dominated with only 12% of the workforce identifying as female and only 2% of on-site roles are being occupied by women. There is a critical need for initiatives like Habitat Women which aims to bridge the gender gap and foster a more inclusive environment in one of the country’s key economic sectors. 

Who are Habitat Women? 

Habitat Women is a program designed to support and empower women in the construction industry through training, paid work experience, and career development opportunities. The program spans six months and includes workshops, construction site visits, and real-world job experience, as well as opportunities to take part in other Habitat for Humanity programs – this fosters both personal and professional growth. 

“When I started I didn’t know how to cut wood, I didn’t know anything and now I’m ready for anything, I can help anyone in a construction environment. Now I have the skills, now I have the power – all things I didn’t have when I started. So I learnt a lot!”


Program Benefits 

The program offers comprehensive benefits including: 

Participant Eligibility 

Habitat Women welcomes: 

Habitat Women not only equips women with the necessary skills and opportunities to succeed in construction but also contributes to changing the broader industry culture towards greater gender inclusivity. Our next intake of students is in August 2024, so please reach out if you’d like to join the movement towards a more equitable construction industry.  

For more details or to register, contact habitatwomen@habitat.org.au