Participate with Habitat Women

Our part time 3-month program creates employment pathways for women. We provide comprehensive practical training which takes place both in our workshop and out on site, providing participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to confidently work within a maintenance and repair role post program.  

We provide supportive mentoring and one on one career development coaching, which includes building resumes, interview skills and workplace skills. We also deliver on employment support program post training, to give participants the best chance of securing a role after graduating. 


What can you achieve?

  • Self-confidence and pride in your commitment to your personal development and your work outcomes. 
  • A career that is interesting, dynamic and with broad and diverse opportunities. 
  • The opportunity to join one of Australia’s strongest industries. One that is investing time and resources into expanding opportunities for women to contribute. 


“This program achieves two things. Firstly it introduces women to the construction industry, and the construction industry to women. But secondly it enables women who may have faced obstacles in employment to consider, or reconsider, their potential. That is, it fosters confidence.”

Previous Habitat Women participant

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Who is eligible to apply?

Habitat Women provides paid employment to those who identify as women (aged 18 +), are Australian residents or citizens and have previously faced barriers in seeking employment. Women should also be able to travel within Sydney, and commit to training two days a week, for 12 weeks.  

Participants should be: 

  • Enthusiastic about learning with a small team of participants 
  • Motivated to pursue a career in the building and construction industry 
  • Interested in contributing to a small team program focused on group activities 
  • Positive in their attitude 
  • Willing to follow instruction 


What does a participants journey looks like?

  • A paid 3-month part time program (2 days per week) 
  • Supportive environment and culture 
  • Workshops for use of tools and building skills 
  • Practical work experience in the greater Sydney area 
  • Attainment of a white card 
  • First aid training 
  • Talking & engaging with women in the industry 
  • One-on-one careers advice 
  • Mentorship program 
  • Employment Support Program, after graduating 


“Women don’t have to stand to the side providing refreshments or directing the traffic, or in health, admin, teaching or childcare (even though these are all important too), but women can also be in there on the tools. Women and men can and should work alongside each other in any healthy diverse workplace.”

– Previous Habitat Women participant

How are participants chosen?

If women meet the eligibility criteria and can commit to a part-time three-month program, we encourage them to apply. 

Any potential cohort members will need to: 

  • Fill in a form online 
  • Take part in our recruitment process, which may include multiple interviews 
  • Agree to have a reference check 
  • Take part in onboarding activity 
  • Participants will also be required to agree to a minimum 80% attendance requirement, meet a ‘not drug dependent’ requirement and ‘no abuse, no violence’ requirement prior to being enrolled. 


Women will be chosen based on their suitability to commit to the program and their enthusiasm for both the industry and potential recruitment upon graduating.