Habitat Women was one of 30+ employer stands at the Aboriginal Employment Expo held by the KARI Foundation in September.  

The annual Expo is a fantastic opportunity for young Aboriginal people (aged 17-25) who are looking for immediate employment or career advice, to connect with potential employers.

The Habitat Women stand was set up with banners, flyers and tools such as drills and hammers so attendees could ‘have a go’ while we spoke with them about our program and the opportunities for women in the construction and building industry. 

KARI had employment hub mentors to assist students with job applications and any enrolment into pre-employment courses or training for their dream job.  The Kari Employment team helped with determining career pathways/jobs that students might be interested in applying for and to ensure that they met all the required prerequisites.

Attendees will have access to employment opportunities that are part time, full time, casual, as well as apprenticeships and traineeship programs across various fields. Our interactive stall will also give job seekers the chance to explore what it’s like to work in a particular career. 

Habitat Women was one of 30+ Employer stands representing a range of different industries such as banking, construction, hospitality, transport, racing, utilities, waste management and other companies such as telco and supermarket chains.