Empowering Women in Construction: The Habitat Women Program 

In Australia, despite ongoing efforts, the construction industry remains heavily male-dominated with only 12% of the workforce identifying as female and only 2% of on-site roles are being occupied by women. There is a critical need for initiatives like Habitat Women which aims to bridge the gender gap and foster a more inclusive environment in […]

Habitat Women: Breaking Barriers in the Construction Industry for Women

two women hold a ladder whilst a third stands on the ladder. All three wear green high visability vests and white hard hats.

Did you know that currently women only make up 11% of the total construction industry workforce and less than 3% of trades! Habitat Women aims to change this statistic one woman at a time.   What is Habitat Women?   Habitat women is a social enterprise formed by Habitat for Humanity Australia. We noticed the […]

Learning on-site – Building a Pergola

The Habitat Women participants received valuable on-the-job training by building a timber pergola at Glebe House. Materials for the build were generously funded through support from Barclays Capital. The pergola was completed over a period of 4 weeks (2 days per week) and valuable skills were learnt by the female cohort. “My experience with the […]

Habitat Women at the Aboriginal Employment Expo

Habitat Women was one of 30+ employer stands at the Aboriginal Employment Expo held by the KARI Foundation in September.   The annual Expo is a fantastic opportunity for young Aboriginal people (aged 17-25) who are looking for immediate employment or career advice, to connect with potential employers. The Habitat Women stand was set up […]